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Developing committed athletes to make their BED: empowering them to wholeheartedly believe in themselves, teaching them to have the confidence to expect to win in life, and growing them through the process to demand success without allowing failure to be an option.

OAP Academy

Designed for high school athletes, our OAP Academy is an all-inclusive sports performance program based on collegiate and professional-level training models that requires a year-long commitment, throughout which nutritional guidance and athletic performance training is individualized to each athlete’s unique strengths and weaknesses, with the goal of helping them reach their full potential.

High School Athlete Training

Our high school small group training, specifically designed for high school athletes aged 14-18, is a sports performance training program and speed and agility program.  Our high school small group training provides comprehensive training for athletes looking to improve their strength, speed, power, agility, and overall athletic performance.

Youth Athlete Training

Developmental physical preparation training program for youth athletes ages 10-14 designed to decrease the risk of injury and improve athletic performance in competition.

We are OAP

Our passionate and relentless commitment to athletes’ success has led to the creation of Ohio Athletic Performance, where athletes know failure isn’t an option, not because they will never lose or have challenges, but because they know we won’t let them truly fail. Our one simple goal remains the same: develop athletes who win not only on game day, but on every day of their life.

OAP Academy

Be the athlete who dominates the field with confidence, strength, and unparalleled agility. Unlock your true potential and transform into the unstoppable athlete you’ve always dreamed of becoming. With our comprehensive sports performance program, you will develop the confidence to dominate the field, the strength to overpower your opponents, and the agility to outmaneuver them with ease. 

Join our community of dedicated athletes and unleash your inner champion, achieving new levels of physical and mental excellence that will last a lifetime.

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