3 Types of Small Group Classes in the Columbus, Ohio Area

You’ve been there. The new year rolls around, and you vow to finally get to the gym at least a few times a week. You hang on for the first few weeks, maybe the first few months, but then life gets in the way and you inevitably cancel that membership.

But let me ask you… did life get in the way? Or was it really your mind getting in the way of your fitness goals? Exercising alone requires self-discipline. That can be tough to find when you’re starting out on your fitness journey! But did you know there is another, better way?

Small group classes can transform your fitness mindset. The benefits are countless! And in the Columbus, Ohio area there are plenty of options for a small group personal training class that works for you.

Keep reading to learn why you should try small group training and to hear some of our best class offerings!

Benefits of Small Group Training

Research shows that we as humans gravitate towards the healthy behaviors of others in a group setting. This rubs off particularly well when it comes to working out. Not only will the good behaviors rub off on you in class, but having that set group to work out with also helps you commit to showing up!

Group Accountability

If you know your small group class is scheduled for Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, you’re more likely to show up. Why? You’re held accountable to a time slot that you’ve committed to with your money and time. Plus, the social responsibility to not let your classmates down will also motivate you.

Beyond just showing up, you have the chance to motivate others and be motivated. Someone at your side cheering you on can get you through that last set of pushups. Or, maybe you want a little friendly competition to help you beat someone’s record!

Individualized Attention

Ever been working out at the gym and realize you have no idea how to work any of the equipment? Or want to focus on legs or core, but don’t know what exercises are best for that? You could do some googling to figure it out on your own, or you could try small group training.

With small group training classes, you get all the benefits of a personal trainer. They can answer all your questions without stretching your budget for private sessions. With a small group class size of about 5-10, you’ll still benefit from individualized attention from your trainer.

3 Small Group Classes in Columbus, Ohio

Now that you know why small group training is a great way to get fitness results, let’s get into the various class offerings in the Gahanna area. We have options for Gahanna locals by age, gender, and fitness needs.

Another perk? You have multiple payment options to choose from for these three group classes. You can buy a four class per month pass, eight class per month pass, or unlimited pass so you can attend class as little or as much as you want. Let’s dive into our options for small group classes! 

1. Adult Small Group Training

For adults at all fitness levels, take a look at adult small group training. Whether you’re looking to focus on functional strength training, hit a weight loss goal, or prepare to run a 5k, this class is here to help!

Come prepared with your fitness goals and our trainers will be happy to create a plan that’ll get you there! No matter your age or current abilities, you’ll find a welcoming environment in your class at Ohio Athletic Performance.

2. Women’s Health & Wellness Small Group

Looking to get fit but avoid intimidation and judgment from the intense guys showing off at the gym? We get it! Enter our women’s health and wellness small group program. Here you’ll find a group of like-minded women getting started on their fitness journey.

Here we create a judgment-free zone focused on supporting each other. And for only a $149 investment per month, you gain access to unlimited women’s health classes. So for any women looking for a sign to take the first step on your fitness journey, consider joining us!

3. Student-Athlete Small Group Training

For young athletes who shine in their sport, after-school practices are likely not enough. If you’re a student-athlete looking to take your skills to the next level, we’ve got the perfect group classes. Our student-athlete small group will push your physical capabilities and give you the edge over the competition.

With training designed specifically for your sport, you’re sure to feel a difference during games, meets, or practices. But don’t take our word for it, read the success stories from the great athletes we’ve trained who’ve gone on to play professionally.

Get Your Fitness On With Small Group Personal Training

Now that you know all we have to offer here at Ohio Athletic performance, what’s stopping you? With personal attention from a professional trainer and the motivation of a group setting, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals.

With numerous small group class offerings throughout the week, we’re sure there’s a time that fits your busy schedule. Classes run at just an hour-long, but pack a powerful punch to give you a great workout!

Contact us today to get your first free session on us. Let’s get to work!

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