5 Reasons You Need Athletic Training

Playing a sport in high school doesn’t always entail that you’ll keep playing in college. In fact, the odds of moving on to college athletics, especially at an NCAA Roster 1 school, are lower than you might think.

There are a number of reasons that high school athletes don’t move on to compete at the college level. Some choose not to, some haven’t developed their skills enough, and some wind up with injuries that impede their ability to play.

If moving forward with your athletic journey is something you’re interested in, athletic training is the right place to start. Go beyond the school gym and get the experience and training you need to keep playing for years to come.

Want to find out more about what our athletic training program can do for you? Read on for five reasons that you need athletic training.

1. Work With Experienced Coaches

Your coach at school may have years of experience or they may be new to the game. They’re bringing their best, but the coaches at an athletic training program can take you even further.

At Ohio Athletic Performance, our coaches are CSCCA certified. That means that they’ve received certification from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association. Our coaches have even worked with over 20 NFL players while training an even larger number of college, high school, and youth athletes.

What does that mean for you? It means that you can learn how to improve your athletic performance with the help of coaches who know what college and professional institutions are looking for in their players.

2. Gain Access to Top-Notch Facilities

Athletic training programs don’t occur in your typical gym. You’re not limited to the machines that your school or local gym can afford to provide. You’re not practicing skills on fields that don’t align with what you can expect in a college stadium.

Athletic training gives you access to fully-equipped weight rooms, where you can strengthen every muscle you’ll need to become the best athlete you can be. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice your skills and run drills on a 70-yard turf field.

Not only do these top-notch facilities help you get into your best shape today, but they also prepare you for what to expect from your athletic training in the future. As a current and future athlete, it’s extremely valuable to learn how to navigate a fully-equipped gym and use things like weight machines in a safe and effective way.

3. Learn More About Your Body

What’s the best way to improve your performance as an athlete of any kind? Learn more about your unique body. The more you know about the way your body works in the present, the better you can meet your fitness goals and hit peak performance.

When you choose our base package, we’ll start your athletic training with a one-time inbody/body composition test. This will tell us more about your weight distribution and muscle mass so that we can plan your future sessions accordingly.

With our premium package, we’ll conduct an inbody/body composition test on a quarterly basis. This allows us to better measure your progress and performance metrics.

True athletic training is not a one-size-fits-all process. The more you understand your body, the better you can fine-tune your training efforts and hone in on your strongest athletic abilities. Whether you’re trying to improve speed and agility or increase muscle mass, this knowledge will get you where you need to go.

4. Discover How to Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries

We mentioned earlier that sports injuries have the capacity to prevent future athleticism. One study found that in the course of five years, sports injuries prevented an estimated 25 million athletes from participating in a major sporting event.

As a youth, high school, or even college athlete, you’re often thinking about the game this week, the game next month, or next year’s season. It’s hard to imagine that a single untreated injury could impact your ability to play for the rest of your life.

Athletic trainers are here to prevent that from happening. By working one-on-one with a CSCCA certified coach, you can learn more about the injuries you have a high potential to receive during training or in the game. Your coach will work hard to teach you about preventative tactics such as proper ways to work with weights and protective maneuvers that will keep you safe in action.

Athletic trainers can also be part of the team overseeing your injury recovery. In fact, a great athletic trainer will know how to keep your training going without exacerbating a current injury. That way, you don’t fall behind in your training but you also don’t worsen an injury.

5. Build Confidence

Playing a sport in college or at a professional level doesn’t just take skill. It also takes confidence. If you want others to believe in your abilities, you first have to believe in yourself.

Working with your own athletic trainer is great for confidence-building. Your coach won’t let you give up on yourself. They won’t lose sight of your performance while focusing on the rest of the team.

If you’re ready to play hard and feel good about it, join us at Ohio Athletic Performance. We’re here to give young Columbus athletes the tools they need to succeed in the present and in the future, and that includes confidence.

6. Consider Joining Our Training Program Here At Ohio Athletic Performance 

Are you ready to go beyond your after-school practice? Athletic training can help you to hone in on your true capabilities, preparing you for a future of strong athletic performance.

Ohio Athletic Performance is proud to serve the young athletes of Columbus, Ohio. You can schedule your free intro or contact us to learn more about how our individual programs work. We’d love to hear from you and get you on the path to greatness.

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