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Developing committed athletes to win at life without allowing failure to be an option.

Believe. Expect. Demand.

The story of Ohio Athletic Performance begins in 1998 when the brothers who founded OAP were just like the high school athletes we work with now: full of hope and potential with dreams of going pro. We believed the coaches who taught us the more we put in, the more we would get out – and we gave it our all. But after years of putting in everything we could into strength training to get bigger, faster, stronger; to be the best athlete we could be; to become explosive – we got out what we least expected: pain and dysfunction that has followed all of us into our adult lives. The system we believed in failed us. The system we believed in ended our athletic careers before they really even began.

But we completely understand why it happened: the field of strength and conditioning in the United States has only been around since 1970, which means sports performance has grown a lot since 1998 when we started playing competitively.  And now new science has taught us how to implement and teach the external strength model as well as protect and grow the body from the inside out with the internal strength model.  We know now that training their body from the inside out is their best chance to enjoy success in the short term but also allows them to have sustained success for the remainder of their lives. We know that without proper training guidance and joint function you can be the biggest, fastest, strongest athlete on the team that sits on the sidelines because of chronic injuries. We know that we can do better than the system that failed us. A lot better.

OAP exists to do better – always. We never stop learning, we never stop growing, and we never stop developing so that the long term impact of training with OAP is proper joint function, a strong body, and confidence in and out of the weightroom. Everything we ask of our athletes we demand of ourselves so not a single athlete in our care is forced into the same fate we were. We strive to provide athletes with the opportunities that we never had. Follow a program that will allow you to perform at any level you want. Follow a program that teaches you how to make deposits back in your body – not just continually pour out. Follow a program that is complete, inside and out.

From our own story of pain, dysfunction, and loss Ohio Athletic Performance was born. To give athletes under our care the chances we never got. To develop athletes who win not only on game day, but on every day of their life.

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Be the athlete who dominates the field with confidence, strength, and unparalleled agility. Unlock your true potential and transform into the unstoppable athlete you’ve always dreamed of becoming. With our comprehensive sports performance program, you will develop the confidence to dominate the field, the strength to overpower your opponents, and the agility to outmaneuver them with ease. 

Join our community of dedicated athletes and unleash your inner champion, achieving new levels of physical and mental excellence that will last a lifetime.

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