Austin Addington-Strapp

Director Of Sport Performance
Austin Addington-Strapp


Meet Coach Strapp he is our Director Of Sport Performance he oversees all of our strength and conditioning programs! He has his CSCCA certification where he had to put in 640 hours of internship work to gain this membership! Along with being sponsored by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Mentor to complete his certification. He has spent years dedicating his life to this craft to make sure he can get any athlete ready for the next level!

He has coached at the college level for many different sports with his main focus being football! He has coached at a variety universities including Bowling Green, Illinois, Ohio Dominican, and The University Of Pittsburgh, while also training high school athletes. He has great insight on how to train athletes of all different backgrounds and sports to make sure they can perform to their highest genetic potential!

“Coaching has long been a passion of mine as it facilitates the opportunity for me to aid others in becoming the best versions of themselves. Physical preparation and training is true, empowering and equally as humbling, provides peace and arouses chaos, it is accountability, and allows for liberation of former self and if implemented properly can allow us to grow all aspects of our being.“

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