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Strength & Conditioning

Increasing a foundational quality of your pyramid to feed your athletic development and provide armor for a more resilient body.

Speed & Agility

Specific curriculum to absorb and exert force properly so they have the ability to express the quality of speed & agility to their fullest potential.


Using the FRC model, we coach athletes to restore and regain articular function so they can drastically reduce risk of injury and optimize their ability.

"I wanted more opportunities to continue growing in my physical strength and mentality. OAP does a great job of balancing work with rest and recovery which helps me. I’m getting much stronger, healthier, and able to become a better athlete and person."
- Carmela Dixon
Gino Solazzo

“Training with OAP has helped me develop both my strength and my speed. I was able to see results very quickly, and I have been able to continue to improve. In the past couple of months the coaches have helped me exceed beyond my goals and become an all around better athlete. The OAP culture is one that every athlete hopes for. The positive attitude of the coaches is what makes the atmosphere of OAP so great. I have enjoyed every minute of training with all of the coaches because not only do they work to make me a better athlete, but they work to get to know me. They really do care about all of the athletes and put in extra effort to make sure we succeed.”

Karli Barringer

Training with OAP has helped me tremendously. They have taught me how to properly lift and have prepared me to run at my fastest times. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible for me to continue my athletic career at the collegiate level. I truly appreciate everyone from OAP!!”

Take Your Game to the Next Level

We understand that being a high school athlete can be both exciting and challenging. You may face pressure to perform well from coaches, teammates, and even yourself. At Ohio Athletic Performance, we believe in supporting athletes both physically and emotionally. Our small group training programs are designed to not only help you achieve your athletic goals but also boost your confidence and self-esteem. Our coaches are dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive environment that fosters growth, teamwork, and mutual respect. With our training program, you’ll not only improve your performance but also build lasting friendships and memories that will stay with you for years to come. Come join us at Ohio Athletic Performance and let’s take your game to the next level together.

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You need the OAP training even more. The purpose of your physical preparation program is to manage (obtain, sustain, or retain) particular physical qualities that allow you to be healthy and successful within your given sports. The more mileage you put on “the car” the more imperative it is you manage and make deposits into the system/body. If you train with the goal in mind to enhance your performance and do not train during the block of time in which you perform then I would say your goals do not match your behaviors. So, one of the two must change. Change the fact that you care about performing optimally or start making sound deposits into the body. 

Sport and skill development for sport (practice and competition) lend themselves to extremely repetitive and often unnecessarily high levels of volume which further compromise your connective tissues and joint spaces. This is where the vast majority of injuries occur. When you play multiple sports and you “do not have time to train” then you have failed to undergo an opportunity to constantly intentionally evaluate the damage that has been done as to proactively address issues before they become bigger problems. 

Training during the season at the appropriate intensity with the necessary frequency is a no brainer because it allows us to best serve our young people to retain strength, speed, and multiple qualities they worked so hard to obtain. We also focus our intentions to developing other qualities such as increased joint function, proper speed mechanics, various recovery modalities, muscle mass retention, and several others that will provide them with much less chinks in their armor.

Training in the team setting can certainly bring tremendous value for various reasons; however by the nature of what team training is, it does not allow for near the level of specificity of training necessary to reach each athlete’s individual potential. We offer decades of experience and knowledge in the sport performance arena training athletes in the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Comprehensive physical development biased for optimal sport performance is exactly what we do, all we’ve ever done, and that is what we will continue to do.

Absolutely not. The luxury of what we offer within the Academy is that it is not simply a program. We run a system of training that allows us to always “Be Right” for the athlete regardless of time of year and frequency of training inputs. Absolutely, once a week at particular times of year is beneficial. The only frequency that doesn’t work is zero. 

There are several different ecological “buckets” of qualities that the athlete needs to develop based upon his or her blueprint for their individual sport and body. If once a week is the frequency that is possible upon the start of your academy career that just gives us information on how to build the training inputs best for your development. There are countless reasons the athlete should begin their training and educational process regardless of frequency: he or she must learn the system, be educated on their body, start engaging in the nutritional aspect by documenting what they are fueling their body with, get to know their training teammates, have access to our coaching staff for all training guidance and consultation, as well as various other benefits.

You will undergo an evaluation process to assess whether you are physically and mentally prepared to become an OAP Academy athlete. We are able to have adaptability within the system and we are willing to work with and through growing pains with our young athletes. However, there are some non negotiable portions to being a part of this team. 

The Academy is for the committed athlete that expresses a desire to be the best version of him or herself. Our purpose is to help develop our athletes to reach the heights of their potential. If there is a desire to optimize your high school athletic experience and/or continue competitive athletics into college and beyond then the Academy is likely the best fit. 

Once we go through the evaluation process and have a chance to sit down and discuss the best next steps in the athletes development the answer tends to present itself rather clearly.

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