Do You Incorporate and Offer Flexibility as a Part of Your Program ?

The answer people are looking for is yes, however it is not nearly that simple. We do intentionally train what is likely perceived and classified as flexibility. We view this “flexibility” with a more controlled approach to give the athlete access to strength through ranges that are necessary to mitigate injury risk as well as to enhance his or her performance. The ability to internally move through a joint space without some compensatory action and have strength and control through the demonstrated range is classified as Mobility. 

The evaluation and implementation of our strength and conditioning training system always begins at the deepest level of the person, the articulated space, and then builds outward to most superficial, linear muscle. This approach allows us to gain access to more anatomy that we can develop to increase the qualities of health, longevity, mobility, speed & agility, power, and strength of our athletes. 

So, flexibility training… sure we can make that happen. 

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