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Are you interested in training with Ohio Athletic Performance but you're not sure if it's right for you?

The 60-90 minute personal evaluation aims to comprehensively assess all aspects of an athlete, gather objective data, and identify their strengths, weaknesses, current status, and future goals. Starting from the deepest internal levels of the body, we analyze the articular space and move towards an external body analysis.

To begin with, a body composition analysis provides precise measurements of vital metrics such as skeletal muscle mass, percent of body fat, total body water, visceral fat assessment, and more. Afterward, our coach performs a joint assessment to evaluate joint functionality and identify any compensatory issues that need remediation. We also conduct a video analysis of running mechanics and assess flexibility and mobility to determine the athlete’s level of control and strength through motion ranges.

Finally, our coach meets with the athlete and their parent to discuss the highest priority qualities needed for the athlete to excel in their sport and provides training recommendations accordingly. Following the assessment, the athlete is invited back for a free trial session of the recommended training session type.

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Be the athlete who dominates the field with confidence, strength, and unparalleled agility. Unlock your true potential and transform into the unstoppable athlete you’ve always dreamed of becoming. With our comprehensive sports performance program, you will develop the confidence to dominate the field, the strength to overpower your opponents, and the agility to outmaneuver them with ease. 

Join our community of dedicated athletes and unleash your inner champion, achieving new levels of physical and mental excellence that will last a lifetime.

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