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Developing committed athletes to win at life without allowing failure to be an option.
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where we’re dedicated to helping high school athletes transform their dreams into reality. Our passion lies in unleashing the full potential of every athlete that walks through our doors, regardless of skill level or background. With our unwavering commitment to world-class coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized training programs, we strive to empower every athlete with the tools and support they need to conquer every challenge and achieve greatness. Join us now and let’s embark on a journey to unleash your full potential, and transform you into a true champion both on and off the field!

You CAN:

Be the athlete who

dominates the field with confidence, strength, and unparalleled agility. Unlock your true potential and transform into the unstoppable athlete you’ve always dreamed of becoming. With our comprehensive sports performance program, you will develop the confidence to dominate the field, the strength to overpower your opponents, and the agility to outmaneuver them with ease. 

Join our community of dedicated athletes and unleash your inner champion, achieving new levels of physical and mental excellence that will last a lifetime.

Strength & Conditioning

Increasing a foundational quality of your pyramid to feed your athletic development and provide armor for a more resilient body that can withstand the rigors of high-level competition.

Speed & Agility

Specific curriculum to absorb and exert force properly so they have the ability to express the quality of speed & agility to their fullest potential.


Macronutrient guidance so they can optimize their growth along with body composition testing to make sure your body’s tissue is responding appropriately to the stress of training to optimize performance.


Using the FRC model, we coach athletes to restore and regain articular function so they can drastically reduce risk of injury and optimize their ability.

Player Performance Profile

We employ a data-driven approach, utilizing standardized metrics that are commonly employed by collegiate and professional programs, to construct comprehensive Athlete Performance Profiles. By leveraging this information, we are well-equipped to provide recruiting coaches with objective data in a language that is consistent with their own. These profiles offer a level of insight that transcends what can be gleaned from simple showcase or game performances, providing a more holistic perspective on athlete potential and performance. Ultimately, this approach allows us to offer a higher level of evaluation and recommendation to coaches who are seeking top-tier talent.

"Coming from a year round athlete with collegiate goals, I can confidently say entering the Academy will not be a waste of time. You will be with the most supportive people, make great memories and see athletic results quickly. "
- Carmela Dixon
Cameron Birch

Ohio Athletic Performance is one of a kind. You will not find any other training company/program that is so passionate about what they do. Ohio Athletic Performance contains trainers that are extremely experienced and educated. Everyone here is so nice, welcoming, and positive. There really is no other place like it.

I have only been at Ohio Athletic Performance for about 6 months but I have gained 20 pounds, got a lot stronger, and a lot faster. Along with that, I have learned so much in so many different aspects. I am so grateful for all the happiness and relationships that Ohio Athletic Performance has brought me, thank you so much for everything!!

Grace Dziatkowicz

I joined the academy because of the great people and great success that I experience with OAP.  I am an ordinary athlete hoping to take my athletic career to the next level and after having experienced such positive effects from the standard training sessions (high school small group training) I knew that I wanted to take lifting to the next level too.

Because of the amazing environment at Ohio athletic performance I fell in love with something that not only makes me a better athlete but an overall happier and more successful person.

Stop chasing greatness.

The path to greatness is within your reach, waiting for you to take the leap and embrace the OAP Academy’s training process. Even if you’ve suffered setbacks, we’ll help you uncover the potential for growth. With us by your side, failure is not an option.

To unlock your true potential, you must be prepared to put in the work, make sacrifices, and stay committed. It’s not an easy journey, but the rewards are immense. Believe in yourself, expect greatness, and you shall receive it.

Success is not handed to you on a silver platter. You must demand it, fight for it, and never give up. And when you do, it will be yours to keep forever.

Join Our Troop

Our athletes support each other through every challenge and push each other to be their best selves both on and off the field. Training with like-minded athletes is a game-changer for both your body and soul. When you’re surrounded by individuals who share your same drive and determination, magic happens. The support, encouragement, and shared goals create an environment that is not only motivating but also emotionally uplifting. It’s a place where you can truly be yourself, where you’re accepted for who you are, and where you’re encouraged to push beyond your limits. 

If you’re looking to join a community that will always have your back, we invite you to train with us and experience the transformative power of being a part of a team that truly cares and that has your back. It’s an experience that can positively impact not only your physical abilities but also your emotional well-being, leaving you feeling inspired and empowered.

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"The Academy has already been so valuable to our daughter. They do a comprehensive, individualized approach (within a tightly knit group setting) that develops the measurable tangibles of strength, speed, agility, explosiveness, endurance and nutrition to name just a few. They have monthly full body assessments to monitor muscle mass increases and quarterly testing on specific benchmarks. But more importantly, they are helping her develop the critical quality of mindset. No high level athlete gets anywhere without it. At 15, our daughter is already honing skills that will serve her for life, no matter what she does with her chosen sport of soccer. We can’t wait to continue to see her results from Academy membership."
- Missy bedell, parent

What To Expect After 6 Months in OAP Academy

The below outcomes reflect the actual progress of OAP Academy athletes during their initial six months of participation. Over the course of the program, we diligently monitor athletes’ adherence to the prescribed training frequency and nutrition tracking protocols.

Male Athlete "A"
Female Athlete "A"
Male Athlete "B"
Female Athlete "B"

It’s impressive for athletes to gain weight while also becoming faster because typically, adding weight to the body can slow an athlete down. However, when an athlete is able to gain weight while improving their speed, it’s a sign that they have increased their strength and power, which can contribute to greater explosive force and speed.

When an athlete gains weight through muscle mass, they increase their body’s ability to generate force, which translates into greater power and speed. Additionally, gaining weight can help protect the body from injury and improve overall durability.

Building muscle mass while also improving speed takes a lot of hard work and dedication, so athletes who achieve this feat demonstrate a strong testament to their commitment to following the rigorous OAP Academy training regimen, maintaining prescribed training frequency, and discipline. It’s a clear sign that they have put in the effort and dedication required to excel in their sport.

Megan Sheehan
Megan Sheehan
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"I think it is really worth joining the Academy if you are willing to put the work in. Our coaches will push you to be the best you can be but it can’t be one sided. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

Ready to Join?

The OAP Academy admits athletes four times annually during open enrollment; however, joining early provides added advantages, including free access to our high school training group until the commencement of the Academy class. Once enrolled, athletes gain access to the high school training group (if applicable), as well as receive their macro nutrient tracking sheet to initiate their nutrition program, and join our private OAP Academy communication channel.

To kick off the Academy experience, the first day of class requires mandatory performance testing to begin creating a comprehensive player profile. With this information in hand, we can gain an in-depth understanding of your current abilities and future aspirations, allowing us to develop a customized, holistic plan to help you reach your goals. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your journey, ensuring you have the support and resources necessary to succeed.

Request Academy EvaluatIon

Enrolling in the OAP Academy is not only a commitment, but the process involves facing challenges and putting in effort, intention, presence, and dedication. To begin the process, the first step is to schedule a free evaluation, which will assist us in assessing your current level and providing tailored recommendations to ensure it is the right fit for you.  

Transform your vision into reality

and blaze a trail of success that will carry you through every obstacle. Let us help you craft a powerful blueprint that will light the path to victory, and emerge on the other side with newfound strength and resilience. Join us now and discover the limitless potential that lies within you!

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You need the OAP training even more. The purpose of your physical preparation program is to manage (obtain, sustain, or retain) particular physical qualities that allow you to be healthy and successful within your given sports. The more mileage you put on “the car” the more imperative it is you manage and make deposits into the system/body. If you train with the goal in mind to enhance your performance and do not train during the block of time in which you perform then I would say your goals do not match your behaviors. So, one of the two must change. Change the fact that you care about performing optimally or start making sound deposits into the body. 

Sport and skill development for sport (practice and competition) lend themselves to extremely repetitive and often unnecessarily high levels of volume which further compromise your connective tissues and joint spaces. This is where the vast majority of injuries occur. When you play multiple sports and you “do not have time to train” then you have failed to undergo an opportunity to constantly intentionally evaluate the damage that has been done as to proactively address issues before they become bigger problems. 

Training during the season at the appropriate intensity with the necessary frequency is a no brainer because it allows us to best serve our young people to retain strength, speed, and multiple qualities they worked so hard to obtain. We also focus our intentions to developing other qualities such as increased joint function, proper speed mechanics, various recovery modalities, muscle mass retention, and several others that will provide them with much less chinks in their armor.

No physical qualities can be maintained for the duration of the competitive season without specific training inputs as the entire system that is our body is interdependent upon one another. Everything we choose to do has an associated cost. Continuous patterns such as competitive sport and practice compromise the joints, muscles, and connective tissue. It is necessary to make “deposits” back into the system to have an opportunity to mitigate injury risk, optimize performance, enhance recovery, and retain the physical qualities to maintain play at a high level. If training is optional for you in season then unfortunately so is winning. Any injury or instance of being hurt causes an anatomical change which has to be addressed or else your injury window increases and your performance capacity decreases.  

Intentional performance training requires constant attention as your body is your vehicle and your investment. Not to mention all the other associated hormonal, emotional, social, and mental benefits our athletes receive from honoring the commitment they made to themselves to engage in the process of constant growth. Your body is an ever changing organism and you are constantly developing habits whether that be mindless or intentional. The question is; are your daily habits consistent with the person you aspire to be or are they detracting from the direction you want to go ? 

We will provide you with return to play protocols to help transition you safely to competition. 

In the event some injury occurs while you are a part of the academy we will modify any and all necessary training inputs and start the return to play protocol. The lack of service that is provided specifically in this area , return to play, is a substantial concern for the high school athlete. Our academy athlete are constantly undergoing an evaluation process that is built into their training. We often are able to identify small issues and remedy them before they turn into larger problems and/ or injuries. 

We also are able and willing to coordinate with medical staff if that should ever present itself so we can build a comprehensive plan for our athletes.

The answer people are looking for is yes, however it is not nearly that simple. We do intentionally train what is likely perceived and classified as flexibility. We view this “flexibility” with a more controlled approach to give the athlete access to strength through ranges that are necessary to mitigate injury risk as well as to enhance his or her performance. The ability to internally move through a joint space without some compensatory action and have strength and control through the demonstrated range is classified as Mobility. 

The evaluation and implementation of our strength and conditioning training system always begins at the deepest level of the person, the articulated space, and then builds outward to most superficial, linear muscle. This approach allows us to gain access to more anatomy that we can develop to increase the qualities of health, longevity, mobility, speed & agility, power, and strength of our athletes. 

Training in the team setting can certainly bring tremendous value for various reasons; however by the nature of what team training is, it does not allow for near the level of specificity of training necessary to reach each athlete’s individual potential. We offer decades of experience and knowledge in the sport performance arena training athletes in the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Comprehensive physical development biased for optimal sport performance is exactly what we do, all we’ve ever done, and that is what we will continue to do.

Absolutely not. The luxury of what we offer within the Academy is that it is not simply a program. We run a system of training that allows us to always “Be Right” for the athlete regardless of time of year and frequency of training inputs. Absolutely, once a week at particular times of year is beneficial. The only frequency that doesn’t work is zero. 

There are several different ecological “buckets” of qualities that the athlete needs to develop based upon his or her blueprint for their individual sport and body. If once a week is the frequency that is possible upon the start of your academy career that just gives us information on how to build the training inputs best for your development. There are countless reasons the athlete should begin their training and educational process regardless of frequency: he or she must learn the system, be educated on their body, start engaging in the nutritional aspect by documenting what they are fueling their body with, get to know their training teammates, have access to our coaching staff for all training guidance and consultation, as well as various other benefits.

You will undergo an evaluation process to assess whether you are physically and mentally prepared to become an OAP Academy athlete. We are able to have adaptability within the system and we are willing to work with and through growing pains with our young athletes. However, there are some non negotiable portions to being a part of this team. 

The Academy is for the committed athlete that expresses a desire to be the best version of him or herself. Our purpose is to help develop our athletes to reach the heights of their potential. If there is a desire to optimize your high school athletic experience and/or continue competitive athletics into college and beyond then the Academy is likely the best fit. 

Once we go through the evaluation process and have a chance to sit down and discuss the best next steps in the athletes development the answer tends to present itself rather clearly.

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