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Be The Athlete Who...

believes, expects, and demands your own success and in return, earns a scholarship to play at your dream school.

Option 1

DO You?

  • Know if you could only be bigger, faster, stronger you’d be unstoppable?

  • Do everything you’re supposed to, but still don’t see results?

  • Have untapped potential?

  • Replay mistakes over and over in your head?

  • Not feel prepared enough?

  • Have lingering injuries holding you back?

  • Wish you had more confidence in your ability so you’d be more successful in your sport?

  • Need someone to speak up for you when your voice isn’t heard?

  • Travel around from specialist to specialist trying to become the best you?

Option 2

You Can

  • Develop all physical qualities to dominate competition.

  • Be the player your team depends on when the game’s on the line.

  • Reach the success of your genetic potential.

  • Make game time decisions with confidence.

  • Have a blueprint for your path to success.

  • Make it through the season healthy and strong.

  • Perform during “crunch time” without lingering anxiety.

  • Have safe haven + someone in your corner always looking out for YOU.

  • Have a coach who knows YOU & oversees all aspects of your athletic performance


is perfect for

the high school athlete who wants to become the best version of themselves. They are committed to the dark times that will breed success. They have an obsseseive and unshakable level of consistency to the long term processs of their own growth. It is not for the faint of heart.
For the bold few who join us inside the Academy, we will comprehensively evaluate where you are, discover where you want to go, create a personal holistic plan to get you there, and take you through every step of the way.
It will be challenging, it will be hard, it will require effort, it will require intention, it will require presence, it will require dedication. And that’s why we’ll only accept the most committed athletes: the ones who put tape on the locker room door, the ones who go to the batting cages after practice, the ones who don’t let bad weather or inconvenience stand in their way.







Austin Addington-Strapp has the passion of silverback gorilla, always fighting for what’s best for his athletes – even if that means running 1.7 miles each way in dress pants to get his athlete a pb&j. And he does it all in crazy socks.

He has spent his entire 13 year career as a strength and conditioning coach doing two simple things: keeping athletes safe and winning. The by product of that has been a community of athletes who have known no bounds.  His passionate + relentless commitment to his athletes’ success has led to the creation of Ohio Athletic Performance, where athletes know failure isn’t an option, not becuase they will never lose or have challenges, but because they know he won’t let them truly fail.  After 13 years, his one simple goal remains the same: develop athletes who win not only on game day, but on every day of their life. He says, “I’m passionate about training, but not nearly as passionate as I am about people.”  And if you’ve ever met Austin, you know he’s passionate about training.


What Does The OAP Academy Offer You?

Strength Training


($2,988 value)

Increasing a foundational quality of your pyramid to feed your athletic development and provide armor for a more resilient body.

Speed & Agility


($1,188 value)

Teaching athletes how to absorb and exert force properly so they have the ability to express the quality of speed & agility to their fullest potential.

Body Composition Testing/Evaluations


($1,436 value)

Data to make sure your body’s tissue is responding appropriately to the stress of training to optimize performance.

The initial evaluation gives us insight into all aspects of the athlete so we have the ability to provide a more concise service based upon the needs of the individual person.

Plyometric Work

($708 value)
Educating the athletes with the most effective and efficient methods of force production to increase their top end power outputs.

Conditioning Elements

($708 value)
We implement the necessary general and sport specific bioenergetic stress for the athletes so they can be in the best possible condition for their specific position within their sport.


($948 value)
We educate the athletes on proper performance consumption as well as provide macronutrient guidance so they can optimize their growth.


($828 value)
We coach the athletes to understand and execute proper joint function so they can drastically reduce risk of injury and optimize their ability.


($1,188 value)
We constantly assess the quality of the athlete’s movement to be able to identify an imbalance or compensation so we can attack it proactively before an increased risk of injury occurs.

A Great Community

This is everything! Without a place with a collection of people with a genuine intention to facilitate and cultivate growth then nothing else matters. We will always make our B.E.D and happily sleep in it!

TOTAL value: $9,992

Academy is ONLY $5,997* / 12month *Payment Plans Available

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Don't Take Our Word For It!

See What Some Of Our Current & Past Athletes Have To Say About OAP!
Damar Hamlin | Buffalo Billss success story

Damar Hamlin | Buffalo Bills

I appreciate the relationship we were able to build over the years! Alongside all of the life lessons you've opened my eyes to some of those being... "For every decision there is a compromise" "Your legacy is what you deposit into your children" ...

Dane Jackson | Buffalo Billss success story

Dane Jackson | Buffalo Bills

"Coach Strapp was one of the best coaches I ever had, in and out of the weight room.  He always had his players best interest, always kept it real with his players."...

Gino Solazzos success story

Gino Solazzo

Training with OAP has helped me develop both my strength and my speed. I was able to see results very quickly, and I have been able to continue to improve. In the past couple of months the coaches have helped me exceed beyond my goals and become and all a...

Jen Moore | Hartley Soccer Head Coachs success story

Jen Moore | Hartley Soccer Head Coach

"Working with Coach Strapp has allowed my players to reach a new level of success. The prehab, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning are all programmed for each player individually to lead to overall team success."...

Megan Sheehans success story

Megan Sheehan

I will forever thank OAP for making me not only a better athlete but a better leader, they push me to be my very best. They care for their athletes on and off the field and are always there for me when I need them. OAP makes training exciting and without ...

Ryan Lewis | NY Giantss success story

Ryan Lewis | NY Giants

"Strapp was a great teacher and also a great friend.  He pushed me to become the best football player I could be and is definitely part of the reason why I'm still playing in the NFL today"...

Seamus Bontes success story

Seamus Bonte

Ohio Athletic Performance has a culture that really stands out to me. OAP has an atmosphere of highly dedicated athletes and coaches, who are always striving to be better then they were the day before. The coaches encourage every ounce of effort out of th...

Tre Tipton | Pittsburgh Footballs success story

Tre Tipton | Pittsburgh Football

Coach Strapp you saved my life when I was a younger player. The talks we had gave me the strength to beat the man that I was at the time within. Have more than love for you coach!...


Greatness is waiting if you’re willing to engage and grow through the OAP Academy training process. Regardless if you have an objective loss we will always find the potential growth. We will not let you fail.
Reaching your potential requires work, it requires sacrafice, it requires consistency. It is not for everyone, but success is for those who Believe and for those who Expect it.
Success will never leave those who Demand it.

Demand Success Now!

$5,997* / 12month
*Payment Plans Available

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