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Take Your Game to the Next Level
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Youth Athlete Small Group Training

Our program offers a specialized developmental physical preparation training program tailored to young athletes ages 10-14.

The curriculum is meticulously designed to prioritize proper patterning and exercise selection within the weight room, emphasizing the significance of effective and efficient movement mechanics in relation to speed and agility training. Additionally, our program focuses on imparting a foundational understanding of joint and body movements.

The combination of increased neuromuscular coordination, improvement in body composition, competence and confidence in the weight room, and the ability to move faster, more powerfully, and efficiently all results in a decreased risk of injury and in improved performance in competition.

Your athlete CAN:

Strength & Conditioning

Increasing a foundational quality of your pyramid to feed your athletic development and provide armor for a more resilient body.

Speed & Agility

Specific curriculum to absorb and exert force properly so they have the ability to express the quality of speed & agility to their fullest potential.


Using the FRC model, we coach athletes to restore and regain articular function so they can drastically reduce risk of injury and optimize their ability.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

We know that being a young athlete can be exciting yet challenging at the same time. At Ohio Athletic Performance, we are here to support you both physically and emotionally. Our small group training programs are tailored for athletes as young as 10 years old, designed to help you achieve your athletic goals while boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Our coaches are committed to creating a fun and inclusive environment that encourages teamwork, growth, and mutual respect. Join us at Ohio Athletic Performance and let’s improve your performance together while building long-lasting friendships and memories.

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