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OAP High School Academy

Our OAP Academy is an all-inclusive sports performance program that is designed to meet athletes exactly where they are and provide a clear pathway towards where they want to be. Based on collegiate and professional-level training models, our Academy requires a year-long commitment, throughout which our curriculum is individualized to each athlete’s unique strengths and weaknesses, with the goal of helping them reach their full potential.

Our curriculum is designed around the principles of the external strength model, which includes bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic derivative training, and specific prescription for nervous system-based qualities, such as velocity-based training. We also utilize the internal training system, which incorporates functional range conditioning to increase the architecture and thickness of connective tissue – an area where injuries often occur. We prioritize education on how joints are intended to operate, how they move during specific patterns, and understanding of compensations that limit the body’s potential to safely and optimally perform. Our program further includes a return-to-play protocol for both surgical and non-surgical injuries, which takes into account various physiological variables such as mobility, specific tissue adaptation, running progression, conditioning, strength, and load management.

Our Academy is more than just a sports performance program. It’s a place where athletes come to transform into the best version of themselves. When an athlete joins our program, we invest in them and their dreams, and we are committed to helping them succeed both on and off the field. We create a culture and environment that encourages growth and development in every aspect of their lives. By offering individualized curriculum and support, we empower them to reach heights they never thought possible. Our program ignites a spark within them, fueling their passion and inspiring them to go beyond their limitations. We take pride in being a part of their journey, watching them grow into confident and capable individuals who are ready to take on not only the competition on the field, but whatever life throws at them.

High School Athlete Training

Our high school small group training, specifically designed for high school athletes aged 14-18, is a sports performance program that provides comprehensive training for athletes looking to improve their strength, speed, agility, and overall performance.

Through a regimented and progressive approach, we utilize advanced methods of strength and conditioning to prepare our athletes for optimal performance. Our curriculum covers various disciplines, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic derivative training, and track principles all geared towards enhancing sports performance.

We also focus on acceleration and deceleration mechanics, change of direction instruction, and translating weight room principles onto the field. Our program also provides athletes with a deeper understanding of their joint mechanics in relation to their sport, ensuring they remain injury-free and perform at the highest level possible.

Youth Athlete Training

Our program offers a specialized developmental physical preparation training program tailored to young athletes ages 10-14.

The curriculum is meticulously designed to prioritize proper patterning and exercise selection within the weight room, emphasizing the significance of effective and efficient movement mechanics in relation to speed and agility training. Additionally, our program focuses on imparting a foundational understanding of joint and body movements.

The combination of increased neuromuscular coordination, improvement in body composition, competence and confidence in the weight room, and the ability to move faster, more powerfully, and efficiently all results in a decreased risk of injury and in improved performance in competition.

Private Training

1 on 1 training with one of our coaches that includes personalized programming to meet the needs of the unique athlete. Perfect for someone new to training that wants undivided attention, athletes with difficult schedules, or athletes returning to competitive play after significant injuries/surgery.

Professional athletes must purchase private training.

College Athlete Training

Our college small group training, specifically designed for collegiate athletes, is a sports performance program that provides comprehensive training for athletes looking to improve their strength, speed, agility, and overall performance.

Team Training

Team training is offered offsite in custom training packages with an emphasis on sport-specific performance development.  Contact us today to create a winning training plan for your team.

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