Speed & Agility

Meet Coach Strapp, One of Ohio’s Top Strength & Conditioning Coaches

At Ohio Athletic Performance we have the best strength & conditioning coaches and athlete training programs available for football, basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, cross-country, lacrosse, and more.

In fact, our trainers are some of the highest qualified in the country who have worked with more than 20 NFL athletes, multiple levels of collegiate athletes, a countless number of high school athletes, and even youth athletes for the past ten years.

Austin is one of our highest recommended trainers. He has put in 640 hours of work as an intern to obtain his CSCCA certification membership and is sponsored by a certified strength & conditioning mentor, which is required to complete certification.
Along with coaching many sports at the college level with a focus on football, Austin has worked with the University of Illinois, Ohio Dominican, Bowling Green, and the University Of Pittsburgh, where he worked with countless other D1 athletes!

Speed & Agility Class


Speed & Agility Class


+Change Of Direction Drills
+Running Mechanics
+Top End Speed
+40/60 yard Dash
+& much more

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