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When it comes to training in one of our small groups at Ohio Athletic Performance, the level of specificity that we can offer, for not only the demands of the sport but the demands of the position and of the individual, far exceeds what we’re capable of doing in a team setting.  With our team training service, we are managing and coaching the masses, using a “big net” approach.  We absolutely teach the fundamentals of weightlifting, program according to the demands of that sport to prepare them for the upcoming season and reduce risk of injury, and we will accommodate orthopedic concerns to the capacity that we can within that setting, giving our coach to player ratio and given the athletes that are within that team. 

In groups at OAP, we’re able to maintain a lower player to coach ratio, utilize our specific sports performance equipment, and individualize progressions for the athlete to meet them where they’re at on a daily basis so that we have a chance to prepare them to the highest level so that they can perform as close to optimal as possible.  For athletes that aspire to optimize their genetic potential, then pursuing a more concise higher level of service is the next step. When we train athletes in small groups we are able to develop a deeper relationship and be in tune with where the athletes are from a holistic manner to prescribe things according to those variables. The service we provide at OAP bleeds into every aspect of the athlete’s being: it enhances their skill, decreases the risk of injury, and just all around improves the person.  A lot of athletes get outside services for their skill development, but skill development serves one thing, that skill.  So if you think it is worthwhile to get hitting or pitching instruction outside of your team then you can’t ignore training because it will benefit so much more.

We offer decades of experience and knowledge in the sport performance arena training athletes in the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Comprehensive physical development biased for optimal sport performance is exactly what we do, all we’ve ever done, and that is what we will continue to do. If you’re ready to find the best sports performance center for improved athletic performance, join us at Ohio Athletic Performance in Columbus, Ohio.

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We are OAP

Our passionate and relentless commitment to athletes’ success has led to the creation of Ohio Athletic Performance, where athletes know failure isn’t an option, not because they will never lose or have challenges, but because they know we won’t let them truly fail. Our one simple goal remains the same: develop athletes who win not only on game day, but on every day of their life.

OAP Academy

All inclusive and full implementation of our comprehensive and multi faceted sports performance system with individualized curriculum designed to service and meet the athlete exactly where they are and provide the bridge to get them where they want to go.

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High School Athlete Training

A regimented sports performance program for high school athletes ages 14-18. We prepare our athletes in the high school small group by utilizing the principle of progressive overload along with advanced methods of strength and conditioning.

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