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"OAP has not only benefited my speed and strength, but my confidence as well. Working out with my best friends and trainers that are always pushing me to be the best version of myself is my favorite part of OAP."
- Liv Ralston
Seamus Bonte

Ohio Athletic Performance has a culture that really stands out to me. OAP has an atmosphere of highly dedicated athletes and coaches, who are always striving to be better than they were the day before. The coaches encourage every ounce of effort out of their athletes so that they can strive to reach their goals. The Coaches at OAP are at the pinnacle of athletic training. Since joining OAP I have gotten stronger, more explosive, faster, and overall became a better athlete. I am breaking numbers in the weight room constantly and my movement has greatly improved. If you truly want to become a better athlete, then look no further then OAP. I am so very blessed to have joined OAP!

Gino Solazzo

Training with OAP has helped me develop both my strength and my speed. I was able to see results very quickly, and I have been able to continue to improve. In the past couple of months the coaches have helped me exceed beyond my goals and become an all around better athlete. The OAP culture is one that every athlete hopes for. The positive attitude of the coaches is what makes the atmosphere of OAP so great. I have enjoyed every minute of training with all of the coaches because not only do they work to make me a better athlete, but they work to get to know me. They really do care about all of the athletes and put in extra effort to make sure we succeed.

"Strapp was a great teacher and also a great friend. He pushed me to become the best football player I could be and is definitely part of the reason why I’m still playing in the NFL today."
- Ryan Lewis

OAP cultivates a culture of hard work and care for the body in and out of the weight room. They have the best intentions in mind to help me have a prosperous future in my athletic endeavors, and they are truly like a second family to me. I feel my level of play on the football field has heightened extensively because of the off season work I have put in with them and the recovery processes they take to make sure I’m able to train at my peak performance.

Rory Ralston

OAP Academy

All inclusive and full implementation of our comprehensive and multi faceted sports performance system with individualized curriculum designed to service and meet the athlete exactly where they are and provide the bridge to get them where they want to go.

High School Athlete Training

A regimented sports performance program for high school athletes ages 14-18. We prepare our athletes in the high school small group by utilizing the principle of progressive overload along with advanced methods of strength and conditioning.

Youth Athlete Training

Developmental physical preparation training program for ages 10-14 designed to decrease the risk of injury and improve performance in competition.

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