Vlog Post

OAPen Conversation Series: Watch the videos below to get some insight into how we develop our athletic training programs, how we look to help all of our clients with our functional fitness classes, and much more!

Our Vision

Here At Ohio Athletic Performance, we take pride in making sure all of our athletes & adult clients get the care they deserve! We are here to make them the best versions of themselves. We do this by making sure our athletic training programs provide them with everything they need to succeed. That starts with being intentional with everything we prescribe in our programs. Making sure we touch all the qualites it takes to be a great athlete such as strength, speed, and mobility!

When it comes to our adult clients we are there to make sure we get them healthy and help them reach their fitness goals. We do this with things such as functional fitness training, strength training, weightloss programs, and much more! We are here to make everyone feel healthier & stronger each time they come in to see us.

Motion Hamstring

Motion Hamstring

Coach Strapp is taking one of our teams through the motion hamstring series! This is part of our prep to make sure we provide some prehab for the hamstring,and hips!

This warmup is great to help relax the hamstring and mobilize the hip! We do this to make sure our athletes are primed for sprinting, change of direction, and their hips are moving properly!

This series along with other prep exercises are put in place to make sure we are giving our athletes the best chance to reduce their risk of injury in the weight room & on the field!

You can learn more about what we do to prep our athletes and what we do in the weight room by joining today! First session is on us

Kenny Pickett Interview

Listen in on how Heisman Trophy Finalist Kenny Pickett views the importance of strength & conditioning even at an early age! Coach Strapp worked alongside Kenny Pickett during his time at the University Of Pittsburgh. These two became very close and Kenny even picked Coach Strapp to be one of his mentors during his time with the panthers!

These two have a great dynamic and both understand what it takes to be great in the athletic arena. Kenny takes pride in being one of the hardest working athletes out there and that is what got him where he is today! He made sure even in high school that he was putting in the work to get where he wanted to be and he knew success wasn’t going to just fall into his lap. If you’re an athlete looking to take your talent to the next level we here at Ohio Athletic Performance know what it takes to get you there!

It was great to catch up with Kenny & we really do appreciate him for taking time out of his day to talk with us! Good luck in the draft and we cant wait to see what the future has in store for him!

How To Create Training Programs For Athletes & General Populations

Coach Strapp is speaking on his thoughts when it comes to how he looks at programming for all of our athletes & clients! Take a listen to why and how he implements all these qualities into our training programs!

He sheds light on how important it is to be proactive with things and not reactive! Along with how no one single quality can be strictly focused on, some may be used more than another put they are vital to a well-rounded program!

Plateauing, lingering pain, not getting the results you want, etc it’s nothing we haven’t seen before! Join today & let our CSCCA certified strength coach get you a personalized workout program to help you get where you say you want to go!

If you have any questions on why we do certain things within our program or how you can get involved with training with us do not hesitate to reach out!

Field Trip Day!

We had an amazing time last week hosting this group of 1st and 2nd graders! The day was full of events and so much to learn!

We wanted to make sure these students had a good time but also learned something in the process! Each station incorporated a different training concept that we use on a day to day basis with all of our athletes!

Each of our coaches took time before each station to explain what the station was, how it correlates to that certain stations exercise concept & then it was go time!

We had an incredible day & can’t wait to make this a reoccurring event for our staff and students around the Columbus area!

If you have any interest in making your school the next one to come to visit us over here at OAP do not hesitate to reach out! You can shoot us an email or a DM with the details.

Once we get that information we will get the ball rolling to help make sure your students have a fun educational field trip that will help them create new healthy habits in the future!

Speed School Phase 1- Linear Speed

“Perfect the drill work so it translates to the skill work!”

We are showing start to finish of our first week of speed school! It is seperated into two parts the first being our prep followed by some of the drill work!

Coach Strapp is taking our speed group clients through the prep stations! Each station holds different values and all work together to get the athlete primed for the skill work ahead. We do drill work for the skill of sprinting just like you do drill work for your specific sport.

Our first station is just single-leg hops this helps build stability, strength, and rigidity into the lower leg. When we go to sprint the more force we can absorb the more force we can produce so this drill gets your lower leg ready for high velocities.

The second drill is hurdle hamstring. We use this drill to help reinforce good running mechanics while also getting the hamstring prepped for sprinting!
The third exercise is 90-90 this helps get the athlete’s hips to mobilize. It provides them with good movement of the hip and takes them into internal & external rotation.

Lastly is medball vertical throw this is to get the athletes central nervous system active and ready to go! It helps provide the elastic response in each muscle group and gets their heart rate up!

Drill Work: Coach Harris is taking our athletes through a few different drills so they can become better at the skill of sprinting!

The first drill we see coach taking them through is our arm motion series! This allows the athlete to feel what their arms need to be doing while sprinting. A lot of athletes disregard their arm motion when sprinting but good upper body mechanics can increase your speed drastically.

The second drill coach is using is on our Woodway Force treadmills! This piece of equipment allows the athlete to get into a good acceleration angle. We want the foot, shin, & torso at a proper angle to make sure our athletes are striking behind themselves. Having the correct mechanics makes sure that they are creating good force into the ground that will drive them forward while sprinting!

The third drill was taking them out to the turf to apply all the drills they just learned. It helps them work on correct arm motion, good acceleration angles, and it gives all the drills real-life application.

Football Offseason Training

Football Edition: How Should You Be Training During Your Off-season Program?

In this example we are talking about a two way high school football player! This is a skill position player who plays both offense and defense!

Coach Strapp goes into detail on how this type of athlete needs to train during the summer months to make sure they are as close as they can be to their genetic potential!

To break it down these questions along with a few others is how we get a program set for this athlete and all of our athletes here at OAP

Question 1: what sport/sports does this athlete need to be to perform in and what skills are needed for that? In this example we have a two way football player whose positions are Wr/Db. So they need to be able to move and do it efficiently! The best way to do that is to gain strength, power, & speed!

Question 2 what is the athletes biological and training age? These are not one in the same! Even though in this example the athlete is a junior in highschool they may have never been introduced to training at this capacity. They maybe a 17 year old athlete but have a training age of 1-2 years or what we would label as a novice trainee!

Question 3 what is the training goal? The training goal for this athlete is to make sure they are ready for fall camp so then camp can get them ready for the season! With that being said we would prescribe this athlete go 3-5 times per month to make sure we can address all the areas we need to!

Now that we have all that in mind we can proceed with the writing up the program! This is how we would address the athletes needs by leading up to camp:

May: 4-5x a week
+increasing muscle size
+positive change in body composition
+preparing the body for intensive efforts

June:4x a week
+bring up the intestines
+begin to develop top end qualities such as strength,speed,and power

July:3-4x a week
+take the qualities we have worked on all summer and make sure the athlete can produce at that level for the whole game

All these things come together to prepare the athlete for the intense battles they will see during fall camp and out on the field of play! This example is to show how we can help an athlete get stronger, faster, and more powerful while most importantly allowing them to retain those qualities for the whole 48 minutes of competition!